I'm Paris, an escapist, a designer and Jill of all random stuff but master of none. 😅 I love everything-Korean and anything that has cuteness written all over it. If I'm not busy educating or designing, I spend time learning Korean, watching K-dramas & variety shows, reading & going on long walks. 

I believe in the importance of spreading love and I hope that the products I create will put a smile on your face.

All illustrations are carefully designed using Illustrator / Procreate (still a noob) by me. No images were purchased from online digital image stores. 

More about XCAPIST

Started in 2005, producing button designs & providing freelance design service. Since 2011, it has evolved to teachers/educational resources, paper products (i.e. stickers, washi tapes, notebooks) and more.

Why other brands?

Reflexion came about in 2020 when I went into a slump with XCAPIST. I started designing products related to BTS instead. Yes I’m an ARMY since Spring Day🌸💜. And yes I relief the stress of designing by designing! Go figure! 😆

And that leads to We Purple You. Wanting to elevate the act of fangirl-ing into an even more positive activity, I gathered a few friends to start this non-profit organisation. Proudly, even with just 2 active members now, we are still going strong!

Finally, annyeong.paris is just a simple platform for you to get to know the creator behind all the brands above and enjoy my mundane & some time amusing episodes in life. Although I hardly update cos there's only so much a lady can do!

[ FAQ : about me ]

Is Paris your real name? 

Yes it is. 😁

Can you really speak Korean?

Well, yeah. I was a language student at Kyung Hee university for close to a year. I have since been self-studying on & off. Getting kinda rusty actually. Sad.🥺

Why you don’t show yourself on IG?

Naturally because I’m shy but you can find me at booth events.  😅

Is this your main job?

No. I have a contract-based job that I go to everyday. I usually work on designs after work and on weekends.

[ FAQ : about store ]

Where are you located?

Sunny, sunny island, Singapore!

Why don’t you donate the sales proceed to other organisations?

I chose UNICEF mainly because it is well known and we have clear information on how they have helped children all over the world. There are of course other wonderful organisations and maybe I will consider them in the future.